Quality Control 

This unit is equipped with the most complete and latest laboratory equipment and trained experts with the approval of the standard.
Pipe produced after testing and quality control procedures in accordance with national standards ISIRI 14427-2 and German DIN 8074 go through markets.
The test is carried out as follows: 

1. Melt Flow Index (MFI)
2. density
3. Determination of carbon
4. hydrostatic pressure test
5. Burst pressure test
6. temperature test Back
7. Measurement of dimensions and visual check pipes
8. elongation at rupture
9. Determination of oxidation induction time
10. test to determine the distribution of soot 

Production process

 The company's production lines equipped with the most up to date control systems such as ultrasonic systems for controlling the diameter and thickness of pipes and pipe systems Gravimetry for weight control meter based on standard tables.



Rock Mechanics LAB

  1. Coring and Cutting
  2. Index Tests
  3. Uniaxial Compressive Test and Young's Modulus
  4. Point Load Strength Test
  5. Slake-Durability Index
  6. Schmidt Hammer Test

This laboratory is equipped with coring and cutting samples preparation machines capable of conducting compressive uniaxial, deformability, creep, Brazilian, point load, shear, and the durability tests. This laboratory is also able to perform physical and numerical model tests for various geotechnical projects.